Battlefield 1 cheats

Undetected Battlefield 1 cheats are available despite game developer anti-cheat efforts. One of the most advanced, if not the most advanced external Battlefield 1 cheat is Overlay Hack: that is available as a monthly subscription.

The cheat includes accurate aimbot and advanced ESP cheat features such as "Field of view" and "Draw aim assist". Features in the cheat are not detected by FairFight.

Below are some useful information for Battfield 1 cheaters and cheat program developers that can be used take advantage of in cheat software developing.

Battlefield 1 includes game developer own client-side anti-cheat FairFight. FairFight is "in

a box" anti-cheat meaning the code is included in the game code.

Detecting Battlefield 1 cheats is not an easy task and it requires a lot of knowledge and efforts. A cheat detection has to be reliable.

I intentionally try to avoid revealing anything which their anti-cheat division may take advantage of.

FairFight detects the following:

Debugger (including a VEH debugger)

Write-angle based aimbots

This means that you may not attach a debugger as it will result in an instant ban. I wanted to share this information because someone may try to attach a debugger without cheating.

Aimbot cheat in Overlay Hack is not detected by FairFight because of "advanced aiming". For obvious reasons I will not go into details.

FairFight will also start taking screenshots if you cheat too obviously. For an example in an instance of suspicious stats. I personally never had an issue with FF screenshots because I cheat quite normally. If you cheat normally. It is very unlikely FairFight will trigger an screen shot request. What "Cheating normally" means? It means that other players does not detect you cheating.

Screenshots has been of course been taken care of in Overlay Hack cheat. Their client-side anti-cheat can be bypassed provided you know what to look for. For obvious reasons I do not provide details on how to bypass their anti-cheat as it will give more ideas to their anti-cheat division.

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