Battlefield 2042 hacks

Battlefield 2042 hacks

The Battlefield 2042 is due to be released on Nov 19, 2021 and the pre-load date is Nov 10th.

Battlefield 2042 will be only multi player and Conquest mode supports 128 players on PC. With such a large number of players the game may quickly became frustrating without Battlefield 2042 hacks.

The anti-cheat for Battlefield 2042 is EAC. Therefore only a private Battlefield 2042 hack will be available for a limited number of people. A private BF 2042 hack will be available for a one-time payment of 1,000 USD. As soon as I've verified my bypass for EAC I will start accepting payments.

Payment methods: Bitcoins or PayPal verified only

Just post a comment if you're interested and I will contact you by email. Check this post later for the status of the hack.

While you wait for private Battlefield 2042 hacks to be released, you may be interested in trying out
brolof wrote:
11/10/2021 14:37 - 199 days 20 hours 54 minutes
Interested, email me the details
11/10/2021 16:17 - 199 days 19 hours 14 minutes
Hi. Cool that even one is interested.

I'll update the first post as I progress. I will only send email when the software is available. I don't like the idea of taking payments beforehand for something that does not exist yet.

I am also developing the tool which is in a key role in terms of kernel level anti-cheat reversal.

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