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08/03/2018 17:14 - 819 days 13 hours 42 minutes
A quote. #118 Originally posted by Smokahontas

Would be amazing if you implement a ultimap-like tool, based in this program ( , (

Cause Ultimap is a shit xD

If you just want to get those values, seemed to me a way too complicated method. There are more important features in my list to be implemented.

Implementing debugger related features are the most difficult and time consuming. However my plan is to add CE equivalent VEH debugger (most of it has already been implemented a long time ago) but I haven't wrote a GUI for it yet.

I have improvements in my mind for CE feature "Find out what addresses this instruction accesses" that I need.

PS. What comes to function call count in the video. What for you need that? Are not you more interested about the calling function etc.? CE's "dissect" etc. What IDA does with XREF's and so forth ...

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