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Cheat Tool Set

Cheat tool set (CTS) is a tool like CE written in .NET

Current version: 1.09 Changelog:


Memory scanner
Memory viewer / editor
Pointer scanner
IAT (Import Address Table) tool
Debug viewer
Windows debugger



What is the difference compared to Cheat Engine (CE)?

- One of a kind memory viewer/editor
- Debug viewer is a lot more advanced vs CE's pointer scanner memory rescan feature "Value to find"
- Pointer scanner has new functionality such as "Custom pointer path scan" and is more user-friendly
- The main view has "A sequence of values" scan type
- Currently not as fast because of (4) static threads vs CE's (8) threads. The scanning speed is still reasonably fast.
- The core functionality is pretty much the same

To cut a long story short: Previously unfound values can be found with the tool. The tool is a work in progress.





How do I get the tool?

To get the updated version of the software. You must register an account and "order" the software via the system. All this is free of charge.
Once your "order" has been approved, the download will be activated to your account.


The first review: Thanks.


Runs on: Windows 7/10 64 bit
Requires .NET Framework 4.7.2 or newer

The software is a portable application. No installation is required. The software does not modify your computer registry.
The tool supports only x64 (64-bit) processes.
Offsets are mainly entered as hex values.

No personal data is sent upon checking for an update.

When you use the "Include result if the value has changed ..." feature. Please keep in mind that you no longer can press the "Next scan" button because "count"
does not get stored in a result file. The list in memory holds currently 10 000 values. This means that you must do "Next scans" until you're at a 10k of results.

"Array of bytes" scan supports the following formats:


83 E0 01
\x83 \xE0 \x01
0x83 0xE0 0x01

"Exact value" float scan: "Value to find" is automatically truncated to four decimal places double value. No rounding is done to that value.

Pointer scanner

"Generate a pointer map" feature is almost mandatory for scans larger than a level 3 and 0x0400. You do not have generate a pointer map for a custom path scan.
"The first element of pointer must point to virtual function table" enables "Class pointer rule check". Pros: Those pointers paths are more likely valid after game has been restarted.


Currently only one HWBP (hardware breakpoint) is supported.


If I will see enough "Thanks" in comments. Perhaps I will provide tutorials.

Data types

Byte: 0 - 255
2 Bytes: -32768 - 32767
4 Bytes: -2147483648 - 2147483647

The source code

The source code is not available to maintain the uniqueness of the software. Therefore the executable is heavily obfuscated.

CREDITS: See the about box.

If you find a bug or a logic issue. Always mention which CTS version and briefly describe the issue.
Title: Cheat Tool Set v1.07
09/27/2018 10:33 - 112 days 20 hours 53 minutes
#182 #182

Fixed a 'NullReferenceException' upon finishing a "A sequence of values ..." scan
Fixed an issue in "A sequence of values ..." float scan when (3) values were entered
Fixed an issue with "A sequence of values ..." scan
Fixed an issue with "Unknown initial value" scan "Next scan button" after first scan was completed

Added windows debugger. "Find out what accesses this address" and "Find out what writes to this address"

Pointer scanner:

Added "Keep pointer map in memory" feature for faster subsequent scans
Added a re-scan feature: "Dereference pointer paths continuously"
Fixed an issue while tranforming pointer paths smaller than the maximum level
Fixed an issue with loading plain text result file
Fixed an issue with "The smallest pointer path" after completing a re-scan
Fixed a problem with loading the results file when a pointer map was generated

Memory viewer:

Fixed an unhandled exception 'Cannot access a disposed object.' This should fix also occasional "Cheat Tool Set has stopped from responding" issue

Value Finder:

Use concurrent dictionary instead of a list to avoid "InvalidOperationException" exception while updating the list.

Synchronize concurrent dictionary entries (in memory results of a current scan) accordingly with a view.

Source code:

Various code cleanups and added more documentation.

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