Cheat Tool Set

Title: Cheat Tool Set v1.02
07/02/2018 21:39 - 851 days 9 hours 44 minutes
Changelog for 1.02:

- Synchronize concurrent dictionary entries (in memory results of a current scan) accordingly with main view.

- Fixed a possible crash (unhandled exception) upon starting the software that occurred on some systems:

- Unknown initial value scan supports now also the following data types: "Byte" and "2 Bytes"

- Added an option to narrow down results in main view based on a value times changed count

The last feature requires a little more explanation:

Normally when you scan for a byte value (0 or 1). This scan type is the most difficult due to the fact there are a lot more of results compared to any other scan.

You usually use game mechanics to get values changed according to your preference i.e opening or closing something in the menu.

What if those values are constantly changing between 0,1 or changing between any other byte values and there are several hundred or thousands of results and you can't get the list any smaller?

This is exactly where this feature is coming from. You know the exact count as you're using game mechanics ...

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