Cheat Tool Set

Title: Cheat Tool Set v1.12
04/28/2019 13:48 - 551 days 18 hours 13 minutes

The main view:

Allow a wildcard byte "?" in "Array of bytes" scan. (Applies also to the free version)
Added a mini disassembler
Process list: Verify that the current process has rights to open a process before listing it

Memory viewer:

Added "Disassemble from this address"
Added "Round values". By default the values are truncated to a 4 decimal places without rounding
Added "Virtual function table (vtable)" support

Added "Copy hex value". This works when the mode is "Disassembly" or when the type has been defined as Virtual function table (vtable)

Added the signature maker in the disassembler
Minor bug fixes

The professional version is available but requires registration.

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