Cheat Tool Set

Title: Cheat Tool Set v1.13
06/19/2019 18:56 - 499 days 12 hours 28 minutes
Pointer scanner:

Fixed an issue with re-scanning that occurred after the result file was loaded. Added "A pointer path must have at least one static address"

Memory viewer: Resolve imports has been moved to the settings (there is a slightly longer delay while starting the software if you enable this setting)


Signature maker bug fixes. Execute signature generation on a separate thread. Resolve the previous instruction more reliably.

When the instruction address has been entered. Attempts to find the beginning of the function and disassembles the current function.

After NOP'ing an instruction, update the change accordingly in the disassembly view.

Settings: Added "Resolve imports (function names)"

PS. There are a LOT to do but I do not discuss about future features. Once a feature has been implemented, I will list it. Who knows what tomorrow exactly brings?

As far I tested. The signature maker in the disassembler is more reliable than the one in IDA. (I refer to the original IDA SigMaker plugin).

For obvious reasons signature generator and verification is significantly faster in CTS vs IDA SigMaker plugin. Array of bytes scan in the main view supports scanning for IDA style signatures. And of course you want to untick the "MEM_PRIVATE" option while scanning for the patterns.

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