Cheat Tool Set

Title: Cheat Tool Set v1.14
07/01/2019 18:00 - 487 days 13 hours 45 minutes
Disassembler Signature generator bug fixes. GetFunctionStart() is more reliable. Added "Write a RETN". Removed "debug" echo and popups that I mistakenly forgot on in prior versions.

There is no more direct download available. The professional version requires a registration. Use a temporary email provider and your download will not be activated.


People does not seem to have time to say thanks. Therefore I will neither have time to provide premium support nor tutorials.
Softwares like this are not coded in 15 mins or after a 3 months coding courses ...

Based on the info you provided, it's all a guessing game what you actually tried to do. I am sorry, I've no time for guess games.

Try v1.14, and see if "your" issue got solved. The software requires administrator privileges because some processes are run under an administrator user.

Also I assume you noticed that the tool supports only x64 processes. There is no way I will add a 32-bit support. It will simply take too much of my time.

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