Cheat Tool Set

Title: Cheat Tool Set v1.16
11/29/2019 12:14 - 336 days 17 hours 56 minutes
The executable name has been changed to "CTS.exe". Therefore: To preserve your settings. Rename "Cheat Tool Set.ini" to "CTS.ini".

Main view:

The first scan of the main view uses as many threads as the processor has physical cores. Only four threads are used in the rescan because there are four result files.

UI "fixes"
"Add address manually" has been moved to the file menu
Added "Dump executable"

Use the path specified in the settings for "Dump process memory to file"
Fixed an issue "Non-negative number required. Parameter name: count" when dumping a process memory to file.
Fixed an issue with "Array of bytes scan" when "MEM_PRIVATE" was disabled
Fixed an issue in result view with "times changed" for float values

Settings: Check that the coordinates are within bounds before restoring the previous position

Pointer scanner:

Added "Browse the pointer value in the memory viewer"
When "Generate a pointer map" is enabled, scanning is multi-threaded. A pointer map can be generated when scanning a custom path.

Therefore, static addresses that are pointing to the same pointer value are also included in the results.
The scan is always threaded when the pointer map is generated.

Memory viewer: Fixed occasional "Cannot access a disposed object" exception.

Debug viewer: Added reasonable value checks for float and double value types. A minor bug fixes.

Memory viewer->Disassembler: Added a multi-threaded disassembler. "Find the code execution references (XREF) for this address"

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