Cheat Tool Set

Title: C T S - v1.17
01/11/2020 00:07 - 294 days 5 hours 51 minutes
Main view

The process list is more decent. The list can be scrolled down using the first letter of a process name.
Added a simple DLL injector to the file menu.
Fixed logic issue with "Unknown initial value" scan.
Improved rescan scanning speed as the previous version has a bug
Fixed an issue when the string to be scanned in "Array of bytes" scan was a code style signature.

Memory viewer

Fixed an issue with extending the view when the pointer values were changing too fast so the extended portion was not drawn.
Use the tab instead of the new instance for "Browse this address in the memory viewer" and "Disassemble from this address"
Fixed an issue with "Find the code execution references (XREF) for the selected address". Currently, the list is displayed on the console.


Resolve the function address more reliably from the given address.

Signature generator: Limit the signature length to 64 bytes, effectively preventing an infinite loop when generating a signature.

Added "Browse the address pointed by the instruction in the memory viewer"


Added "Show this address in the disassembler"

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