Cheat Tool Set

Title: Cheat Tool Set Professional v119
04/10/2020 15:15 - 203 days 15 hours 58 minutes
Main view

Removed "Dump executable" from the file menu. Added "Dump a module" tool
Added to the settings "Use the disassembly mode by default"
When scanning for sequence of bytes (Array of bytes), use only the data in the CODE sections
Settings: The memory viewer colors are customizable for a traditional view
When scanning for an array of bytes, that is a sequence of bytes. No need to tick what regions to scan as only the CODE sections will automatically be scanned regardless what is selected.

Memory viewer

Fixed an issue with resolving imports.
Fixed an issue that prevented unicode strings from appearing on some occasions
Added "Switch mode" functionality. This allows you to switch between the traditional and the disassembly mode without opening a new instance and/or window.
Update the changes real time in the disassembly mode as well.
Added "Peek behind the pointer" feature.
Added a work round to the TreeView's horizontal scroll bar issue. The horizontal scroll bar is now visible in every tab by default.
Show section category by default
Added setting "Pointers must be 32-bit aligned"
Added setting "Peek behind the pointer"
When selecting a row, highlight the entire row
Added "Open a new tab"
Extending a node is considerably faster vs any prior version. Mostly notable on a bigger add.


Fixed an issue after resolving a function address. Scroll to the entered instruction address programmatically and highlight the node.
Improved function entry detection logic.
Show string references


Windows debugger: Fixed an issue that caused unexpected behavior on some occasions
Added "Browse this address in the memory viewer"

Pointer scanner

Debug viewer

Added support for "8 Bytes" value type
Added "Smaller than ..." and "Bigger than ..." comparison also to first scan
Fixed an issue with multi level pointers in rescan.


Fixed an issue with auto-detection. Resolving an import address table is notably faster than in any previous version.

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