Cheat Tool Set

Title: Cheat Tool Set X v120
05/11/2020 13:09 - 172 days 18 hours 9 minutes
Changes marked with an [X] are only available in the professional (Paid version of the software). The newly added features will speed up your work up to 10-100 times vs any competition. If the competition can even do what the listed features does.

Yes, once you learn to utilize the tool unique features, literally the time wasted will decrease to 1/10.

Memory viewer

Added support for automatic pointer path deferencing. i.e. "A static pointer" 0x7FFF 0x0040 0x0010. The nodes will get automatically expanded according to a pointer path. [X]


Show assembly jump instructions with lines.
Show string references.
Show static pointer values.
Show API names (function calls)
Show the section category.
The colors of the disassembler are customizable.
Update the view real time also in the disassembly mode.

If the memory viewer was in disassembly mode and the process was closed. Restore the view as it was when attaching to the same process again.

Added "Bypass the selected instruction with a jump". Pretty much equivalent to CE's code injection.

Pointer scanner

The maximum offset can be larger than 32767 (0x7FFF)
Added "Dereference the selected path in the memory viewer" [X]
Added "The pointer must have a code execution reference before the result is added" [X]
Fixed an issue with "Include pointers that point to my module" when a pointer map generation was enabled

When "Generate a pointer map" is selected and the custom path scan is disabled, the scan will be multi-threaded. This is subject to a further optimization.

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