Cheat Tool Set

Title: Cheat Tool Set X v121
06/18/2020 19:54 - 134 days 12 hours 4 minutes
Changes marked with an [X] are only available in the professional (Paid version of the software).

Main view

Show processed items in the list view. Reduced the load time upon starting the software or selecting a process.

Memory viewer

The minimum length of the string is adjustable in the settings.
Added "Modify the value of the selected address as 8 Bytes"


You can scroll the view with the up and down arrow keys.


Follow the address pointed by the instruction in the current view
Go back to the previous instruction


Added "Read the value as"

8 Bytes
Vector 3

Memory pointer scanner [X]

The best implementation so far. The first scan is approx up to 9-10 times faster vs any prior version when "Generate a pointer map" is checked. Distribute the results evenly among the result files when "Generate a pointer map" is enabled. The re-scan is optimized.

Fixed an issue with adding the result to the list view when "The pointer must have a code execution reference before the result is added" is checked.

"Scan a custom path with a pointer map" has been removed to make the logic simpler.

Fixed an issue with "Keep the pointer map in memory".

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