Cheat Tool Set

09/15/2020 10:10 - 45 days 22 hours 4 minutes
There has not been that much of interests towards the tool so.

I've stopped updating CTS. At least no more public versions will be available. It's been almost 4 years now, in terms of coding.

There is no way I will include any kernel driver or anything for free that bypasses the most advanced anti-cheats.

The required skill level for a tool like this is at least senior level (those guys gets paid easily 5k/month in real jobs).

You all are good enough with math to calculate how much the tool full source is worth of, if you was to hire someone to code a tool like this.

The question is. Why I should waste any of my time providing free updates? They got all time to nag but how many said even "Hi"?

There are not much of options. I either sell the full source to some bigger company or I have to start selling the tool for $499-999$ price per copy after I release the updated version with IDA PRO equivalent features.

The point is, they did not had time to even say "Thx". I will neither have time to provide free updates. Fair enough?

Anyway there are features implemented that detects malware modifications etc. etc. A lot of good stuff is coming...

Perhaps I will provide only videos from to show what you all missed in terms of saving time. Anyway CTS v1.21 was the last free version for now.

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