Title: No more PayPal
05/04/2022 19:02 - 147 days 13 hours 6 minutes
PayPal is no longer payment option for individual customers because of a severe abuse of the dispute system.

Here is the latest example of abuse: https://hexderef.com/images/PP-D-149422468.png

The long story sort:

Initially there was a few days delays in the initial communication because the emails I sent went in the spam folder. A few days after this "customer" contacted me on Discord (I recorded a video proof for the dispute) but I did not linked to the video because the discussion contains his personal information...

I've a feeling the customer refused intentionally the fact (unless there was some kind of language barrier whatsoever) that his order for the software could be approved before 21th of May 2022. I told him on Discord that he need to wait exactly for the day PayPal will release the funds. The next day he disputed the payment. At this point he started to use the dispute system as a support system. I have no time for this when I do code the software, usually the entire day.

Ironically the "security" in PayPal system is actually acting against them. Everyone time is getting wasted and everyone is getting nothing but more frustrated. And if you wished that was all it. I dont think so PayPal dispute team is technically even capable of resolving issues like this in a professional manner.

If they will decide in the favor of the buyer. They will charge the seller for a dispute fee! Can things get more unfair!? Already they charge at the time of this post for a fee of 6.5% from the paid amount.

Finally. Even if you do everything properly and be polite. PayPal tends to decide in favor of the scammer because their dispute team is not either technically capable enough of solving the dispute in a professional manner (no matter how convincing evidence you provided that the client was a scammer) and they will charge the seller for a dispute fee. I have had enough of this unfairness.

Therefore as of this post PayPal will be only available as a payment option only for those with legitimate business accounts who registered with their business email such as payments@yourbusiness.com.

At the time of this post. I will only accept Bitcoin/ETH payments. If you're not able to to pay in cryptocurrency, then the software is not for you. I use coinbase.com as my primary cryptocurrency provider.

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