Title: You have plans to sell HEX DEREF and from a business perspective, what can your tool offer that free tools can't?
10/18/2022 21:39 - 606 days 1 hours 31 minutes
If we compare vs Cheat Engine 7.4. Kernel memory scanner is more mature. It just works exactly as you expect it to work without any hassle.
CE does not convert physical addresses to virtual addressess. You will have to use WinDbg which will require you to enable kernel debugging as well. This is usually a no go with kernel level anti cheats. This is not a personal attack towards CE's author but the memory viewer in HEX DEREF is literally decades ahead.

Usually two options is better than just one. CE is the only tool I know what with I can even compare physical memory scan results. Kernel physical memory scanner in HEX DEREF is also notably faster.

Every publicly released software or kernel driver may be eventually detected, blacklisted, deemed as an unwanted software and so forth:


>> What's the difference vs the competition?

As far I tested the most of the competitive software. The memory viewer is the most advanced ever released up to the current date. You can switch on the fly between user and kernel mode in the same instance. The kernel driver in the paid version enables kernel memory scans and may other DKOM functionality.

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