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Cheat engine alternative

I recently noticed that there are demand for programs similar to Cheat Engine.

Cheat Tool Set (C T S) is an alternative to Cheat Engine that is constantly (usually once in a month or two) being updated. After a quick look with search engines for good alternatives I noticed that most of of the listed softwares are not anymore being updated or are out dated in terms of features.

Therefore I will soon list and compare all decent Cheat Engine alternatives provided those softwares have been updated at least a few times in a year.

Most of "alternative to" Cheat Engine sites are listing out dated software's at top and most relevant results are at the bottom.

I do not think so this is what visitors want in terms of a good search engine experience.



10/24/2019 10:30 - 166 days 19 hours 23 minutes
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A quote. #827 Originally posted by shugera

Will I be able to use this program in Plants vs Zombies Battle for Neighborville? EAC blocks read and write to Cheat Engine

If EAC blocks CE, it will likely block any other similar tool as well. Any high-end anti-cheat must be bypassed at the same or a higher level.

I assume you refer "the use" similar to CE's script support? At the moment no but maybe in the future. Currently the memory viewer is where the tool is coming from. More or less if you're into hack development.

A basic bypass is this: Pause the game, quit the anti-cheat client and/or disable it's service.

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