Private hacks

The compiled version of the driver originates directly from the author and is unique to each customer from a kernel level anti-cheat perspective. This means that if one customer gets banned for whatever reasons, other users should remain undetected. The private version includes advanced kernel level anti-cheat bypassing techniques. In other words an anti-cheat have no way to dump the driver or deems you as a P2C provider. The author have a deep windows internals knowledge.

The drawing and reading can be done directly from the kernel bypassing any overlay or user mode detection vector. The private version is better than a traditional overlay hack. The reading can also be done from user-mode bypassing every kernel mode detection vectors.

A pure kernel mode cheat that is coded in C/C++. AFAIK. The hack bypasses every current kernel mode anti-cheat.

A plus sign means supported:

[+] Windows 10/11 compatible (22H2)
[+] 144 FPS+ depending on your hardware
[+] Secure boot
[+] No reboot required
[+] Intel/AMD CPU
[+] Borderless or windowed mode is supported
[+] Undetected (UD) in EAC/BattlEye

The compiled version of the driver will be HWID locked to your computer and is provided "AS IS" without warranty of any kind. Bitcoint (BTC) is the primary payment method. All sales are final and non-refundable regardless of the payment method used.

If you want to pay via PayPal. Please complete the PayPal user verification check before posting in this thread.

The driver is delivered as a custom software work. Pricing for the basic version starts from $1,000 USD (this is a one-time payment for lifetime membership). What is a basic version? A simple undetected ESP for the game you play. The hack has been tested on:

AMD Ryzen 5 5600X
Intel Core i5-12400

No flickering or stuttering occurred during the tests. When features are kept simple. Also the CPU usage of the hack remains lowest possible while providing a stable FPS.

If you host a quality cybersecurity related forum or blog. You can earn real money with your referral code. Be sure to check (registration required) and to participate in the referral system you must complete the PayPal user verification check.

A verification process will take (4) weeks. During this time, If PayPal, for whatever reasons deems your payment fraudulent or places your verification payment on hold. You'll not be eligible for the referral system.

If you've used any other P2C provider in the past. Please do not purchase this one at all unless you used a good spoofer or bought a new PC. Why? Because if the other provider private hacks were detected by an anti-cheat that will issue a delayed ban wave afterwards. You cannot know for sure which one got you banned exactly. Therefore you'll need to also complete PayPal verified user check with ID verification before you can purchase this one. Sorry. This hack is only for serious people.

There are a number of benefits.

[+] The security of the hack remains best possible (e.g an anti-cheat developer purchasing the hack in the hope getting every current user banned)
[+] This is also to prevent illegal resales/leaks as each version of the hack will be watermarked to detect leaks and HWID locked to the customer device

It's as simple. If you cannot afford this or are not serious enough. Please move on to other provider. Thanks.

As an anti-malware kernel driver developer. The author knows what the most advanced kernel level anti-cheats can do. There are no 100% undetected hacks but considering the security measures used, the detection rate should remain lowest possible.

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