Cheat Tool Set

Title: Cheat Tool Set v1.05
08/14/2018 20:28 - 808 days 11 hours 52 minutes
Changelog for 1.05:


"A sequence of values ..." scan for float values can be used like an exact float value scan ie. Value1: 5.6119 Value2: -0.1688

Added the "Smaller than ..." and "Bigger than ..." comparison for "Next scan"

"Change value of the selected address" supports now the same data types as "Memory viewer" editor

Fixed most of the UI lag during a scan

"Exact value" float scan is actually a double value scan allowing you to find values that has more than 7 significant digits. This logic also applies for "A sequence of values ..." float scan.

Pointer scanner:

Load results file accordingly to a stored pointer path (no more extra "0x00"'s in a pointer path)

Fixed an issue with re-scan after loading a results file

Fixed an issue with class pointer rule check

Added an option to load plain text results file (results will be converted to a binary format "RESULTS.PTR" upon loading)

Memory viewer:

Resolve imports is now as an option rather than attempting automatically resolve api names

Truncate float values to double values (four decimal places) by default instead of rounding

Added support for displaying unicode strings. A " L " sequence.

Value finder:

Fixed an issue with class pointer rule check

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