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Cheat Tool Set

Cheat Tool Set (CTS) is a professional tool like CE written in #C .NET

Latest version: 1.18 PRO Changelog:
Current version in development: 1.19 Professional


Memory scanner (Currently uses up to 12 threads depending on your CPU)
Memory viewer / editor
Memory pointer scanner
IAT (Import Address Table) scanning tool
Debug viewer
Windows debugger: Read, Write and Instruction execute (Find out what addresses this instruction accesses).
Disassembler - Includes a built-in assembly signature maker plugin that attempts to generate unique signatures
Dump strings tool
Dump process modules
A basic DLL injector




Updates to the free version require registration. Only the free version v1.18 is available for direct download without registration.

What is the difference compared to Cheat Engine (CE)?

- One of a kind memory viewer/editor. The memory viewer has a traditional view and disassembly mode.
- The software has unique functionality that is worth trying out. There are some optimizations missing but they come on time.
- The core functionality is pretty much the same.
- There is no x86 (32-bit) support

Memory viewer itself in the tool makes the distinction to the competition.

To cut a long story short: Previously unfound values can be found with the tool. The tool is a work in progress.

The purpose of the program is to enhance the functionality of the CE. That's why the software has only the most important CE equivalent features
and new features that are not available in other similar programs.

To mention one enhanced functionality: Pointer scanner level one static pointer scan takes less than five seconds and memory consumption is almost non-existent.
As of version v1.17. There is a proper alternative to IDA PRO signature maker plugin.







The first review: Thanks.


Supported operating systems: Windows 7/8.x/10
Requires .NET Framework 4.7.2 or newer

The software is a portable application, therefore no installation is required. The software does not modify your computer registry. All the settings can be edited directly to the INI.
The tool supports only x64 (64-bit) processes. The software does not require an internet connection to work.

Offsets are mainly entered as hex values. No personal data is sent upon checking for an update.

When you use the "Include the result if the value has changed ...", you can no longer press the next scan button because the number of times the value has changed
is not saved in the result files.

By default the disassembler disassembles the current and the next function.

"Array of bytes" scan supports the following formats:


01 02 03
\x01 \x02 \x03
0x1 0x2 0x3
48 8B 05 ? ? ? ? 48 89 47 40

When scanning for sequence of bytes (pattern scan), also known as an array of bytes scan. You will have to press the "Reset scan" button if you wish to scan for a new

"Exact value" float scan: "Value to find" is automatically truncated to four decimal places double value. No rounding is done to that value.


Left click on the first address to select it and then click the node text again to edit the address of the root node.
Right click on the offset to select the action. The default alignment is 8 Bytes.

Pointer scanner

"Generate a pointer map" feature is almost mandatory for scans larger than a level 3 and 0x0400. You do not have generate a pointer map for a custom path scan.
"The first element of pointer must point to virtual function table" enables the "Class pointer rule check". Pros: Those pointers paths are more likely valid after game has been restarted.


Currently only one HWBP (hardware breakpoint) is supported.


You can jump to an address (goto address) with the 'g' key. Editing the root node address does the same without opening a new instance.



Data types

Byte: 0 - 255
2 Bytes: -32768 - 32767
4 Bytes: -2147483648 - 2147483647

The source code

The source code is not available to maintain the uniqueness of the software. Therefore the executable is heavily obfuscated. This may result in false positives in AV's.

CREDITS: See the about box.

If you find a bug or a logic issue. Always mention which CTS version and briefly describe the issue.
Maniac088 wrote:
12/06/2019 22:39 - 123 days 5 hours 49 minutes
#841 #841
A quote. #839 Originally posted by Administrator

The executable name has been changed to "CTS.exe". Therefore: To preserve your settings. Rename "Cheat Tool Set.ini" to "CTS.ini".

Main view:

The first scan of the main view uses as many threads as the processor has physical cores. Only four threads are used in the rescan because there are four result files.

UI "fixes"
"Add address manually" has been moved to the file menu
Added "Dump executable"

Use the path specified in the settings for "Dump process memory to file"
Fixed an issue "Non-negative number required. Parameter name: count" when dumping a process memory to file.
Fixed an issue with "Array of bytes scan" when "MEM_PRIVATE" was disabled
Fixed an issue in result view with "times changed" for float values

Settings: Check that the coordinates are within bounds before restoring the previous position

Pointer scanner:

Added "Browse the pointer value in the memory viewer"
When "Generate a pointer map" is enabled, scanning is multi-threaded. A pointer map can be generated when scanning a custom path.

Therefore, static addresses that are pointing to the same pointer value are also included in the results.
The scan is always threaded when the pointer map is generated.

Memory viewer: Fixed occasional "Cannot access a disposed object" exception.

Debug viewer: Added reasonable value checks for float and double value types. A minor bug fixes.

Memory viewer->Disassembler: Added a multi-threaded disassembler. "Find the code execution references (XREF) for this address"

How do I download v1.16?

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